Floating Fowl 

These powerful magnets are made of an alloy of the rare earth element Neodymium along with Iron and Boron. This is the most powerful permanent magnet alloy known.
These magnets are plated in gold and are 12 millimetres cubed.

I sourced these magnets from America and had them gold plated in Germany.

The pyrolytic graphite plate levitating above the magnet must be forced into the center. This is done by placing the four magnets with alternating north and south poles facing. The poles of the magnets attract and repel the diamagnetic graphite simultaneously to keep it centered.

To make pyrolytic graphite, methane gas is heated to 2000 degrees Celsius. Very slowly, (one thousandth of an inch per hour) a layer of graphite grows.
The graphite made this way contain layers of carbon atoms, which form like a crystal of hexagonal sheets. These sheets lie on top of one another like sheets of mica. You can separate the layers with a sharp knife to make thinner sheets. A thick piece will still be too heavy, but if the piece is too thin, it will simply slide right off of a strong magnet, and refuse to sit still on it.

In collaboration with the RSPB I have been tracking the bird migration from Scotland to Africa and been collecting some of the feathers from the birds on their return to the United KIngdom.